Acton Tree Surgeon Services

We offer all the usual tree surgeon services to Acton and the surrounding areas. We provide our professional tree services to a variety of domestic and commercial customers, such as:

  • Tree Surgeon
  • Tree pruning, (crown thinning, crown lifting, crown reductions, and pollarding).
  • Tree removals (tree felling, tree lopping, tree cutting)
  • Tree Stump Removal (Stump Grinding, Stump Removal, Stump Away)
  • Hedge Trimming (Formal Hedge Trimming, Hedge Cutting, Hedge Pruning, Hedge Shaping, Bush Trimming)
  • Tree Safety Surveys (For schools, councils (forests and woodlands), colleges, universities, and commercial and domestic properties)

Acton Tree Surgeon Work

Our tree surgeons are qualified to take care of trees and make sure they are safe and healthy. This can often be done by pruning the tree and removing damaged or dead parts of the tree (dead wooding). If you have a tree that requires expert advice on your options, get in touch with us and we will come and take a look and try to help.

Before carrying out any substantial work on a tree, it would be wise to check the status of the tree with Acton local authorities to discover if there are any preservation orders on the tree in question.

Here is a typical list (but not necessarily definitive list) of some of the tree surgeon service we can offer here in Acton:

Tree Safety Surveys



Acton Tree Removal Service

On occasions, the only option available is to call a tree surgeon and have the tree removal service. This may be because the tree is causing an obstruction or it is putting life or property in danger. Once the difficult decision has been taken to remove a tree, you want to use a professional.

We are qualified, experienced and fully insured. We rarely ask for upfront costs, for 95% of the work we undertake, unless there are extraordinary plant/equipment required. Normally we will do the work and request payment on completion.

Normally we work in teams of 4-6

Acton Stump Removal Service


Hedge trimming


About Acton Tree Surgeon

Our teams are carefully selected and highly skilled personnel. Our experienced tree consultants/arborists will listen to your exact requirements to understand what you are looking to achieve and assist you to choose the best solution.

We are registered with the Construction Industry Scheme (Government Guidelines on CIS registered Tree Surgeons) for working on construction sites, site clearances, grounds maintenance etc. (schools and colleges etc)

We have many years of experience in the tree surgeon industry. Working with us will give you peace of mind that everything will be done in a professional and timely manner. Our qualified tree surgeon and groundsmen teams are kept busy with the volume of constant enquiries and referrals due to the quality of their work. We believe we are the highest-rated tree surgeons in the area.

From the initial tree surgery enquiry to leaving your property neat and tidy, we manage each project with constant professionalism no matter how small or large the job. Our customer relations team will keep you updated with progress, ensuring you always kept aware of your works progress. Our customers that live away from their property find this extremely useful. Only when you are completely happy with everything and we have completed the task given to us, only then will we request payment.

Both our Tree Surgeon teams and Hedge Trimming teams will collect any debris created by our work and we will transport it to local, environmentally friendly, wood recycling centres. Occasionally we get requests from local colleges, schools and nurseries to drop off wood chippings and logs for them to use, which we are always happy to do if it is possible. Debris created by our stump grinding teams is normally left on site as it usually mixed with earth due to the nature of the work, this makes it hard to collect and recycling centres do not accept this kind of waste. However it can normally be placed in to your green recycling bin within the Acton area.

Acton Tree Surgeon – Cut One, Plant One

No one, including Acton Tree Surgeons, likes the thought of simply removing a tree from the environment. With that in mind, we have recently adopted the policy of commiting to plant a tree for every tree the we are tasked to remove, so that we are helping to replenish our countries stock of beautiful trees.

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